Imagine: This Is Paper.

Welcome to my samizdat distribution centre.

This - you lucky people - is your very own digital emulation of my writer's bottom drawer: a virtual-2d shoebox repository for those tricky-to-categorise pieces that were never intended for a publisher's in-tray in the first place. Plus a few that were...
Before I eventually caved-in and decided to get to work open-sourcing this materiel on the internet, the matériel that you're examining right now, or listening to later-on, would have been yer actual, real deal, genuine underground literature, and make no mistake about that - we're talking ratty, passed-on tea-stained A4 typists paper stuffed into pockholed plain brown manilla envelopes, home-burned pound-shop CD-R discs slipped through the post or into someone's pocket outside a tube station, monthly serials smuggled into prison, the works. Only a select few friends of mine, or friends of friends of mine, would have ever had the chance to read most of this stuff before. Now, thanks to the magic of friendship™ and some rookie-error level HTML skills - you can too...

This website is under construction; it's always under construction.

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